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At AtlantaNicheFragrances.com, we fully support the quality of our merchandise by only providing products of the highest caliber. Although certain items may not have been purchased directly from the product manufacturer, all AtlantaNicheFragrances.com merchandise is received from reliable distributors at discounted prices. This enables AtlantaNicheFragrances.com to provide its customers with substantially competitive savings. Therefore, AtlantaNicheFragrances.com disclaims in specific any display of authorization as a dealer or agent of designers whose merchandise is presented on its website.

Additionally, AtlantaNicheFragrances.com denies all embodiments or warranties articulated or indicated about this website and its connotations, which also contain the products sold on the AtlantaNicheFragrances.com website.

All contents of the AtlantaNicheFragrances.com website, including the merchandise offered for sale, are provided as-is. Customers of AtlantaNicheFragrances.com assent that they have read all the terms and conditions prior to purchase, and that AtlantaNicheFragrances.com is not accountable for any adversities that emerge from this site. Such adversities include but are not limited to direct or indirect, accidental, consequential, or punitive afflictions.

With any exclusions to the foregoing, AtlantaNicheFragrances.com does not indicate or authorize that the information provided on this website is current, precise, beneficial, valuable, or contain entirety, nor that this website will function without interference or fault.

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